Tonight on the History Channel

Swamp persons.

At 6, the “It’s Personal” episode of the reality show “Swamp People,” above, (not to be confused with “Swamp Thing” 1982, starring Adrienne Barbeau). From Time Warner’s program guide: “Liz offers some of her own hunting ideas to Troy; Willie heads out to hunt solo; R.J. and Jay Paul’s lines come under attack by a vicious cannibal gator; a large hog encroaches on Terral’s property.” Originally aired June 9.

  • Commented: “Cannibal gator” is a recurring theme, it would seem, on the show; and even though it sounds like something the “swamp people” made up, it’s actually a well-documented behavior in wild animals.

At 7, another episode of “People.” In “Beat the Clock,” Joe tries to muster the resolve to face every obstacle the swamp has to offer; Jacob shows up late; Liz is ready for some lively debate; Bruce and Nick turn to a new territory; R. J. and Jay Paul try to avoid a slump.” Originally aired June 16.

  • Commented: What is it that a “swamp person” can be late for?

At 8, still another “People.” In “Rising Pressure,” “Troy moves his lines to stay ahead of the big gator’s; Junior and Willie head to a new pond; Joe and Tommy’s day begins with tension; Glenn and Mitchell head into the swamp to bag a mess of squirrels.” Originally aired June 23.

  • Commented: “Bag a mess of” is exactly what you’d expect “swamp people” to do to squirrels.

At 9, a new episode of “People.” In “House Divided,” Joe and Tommy decide to part ways; Junior and Willie are reunited on the same boat; R. J. and Jay Paul head to a favorite honey hole.”

  • Commented: 1) Why isn’t Jay Paul a J. P.? and 2) “honey hole” is an interesting phrase. In this case, it’s a favored spot for hunting gators, but the application of “honey” as a prefix has widely diverging meanings, as in the terms “honeypot,” “honeywagon,” and “honeymoon.”

At 10, the “Unexplained Structures” episode of the pseudoscience series “Ancient Aliens.” “Evidence of ancient aliens found in mysterious structures throughout the world.” Originally aired Dec. 16, 2010.

  • Commented: From this description, it would seem like a good bit of the “Ancient Alien” wad is blown in one show.

At 11, another “Aliens.” In “Angels and Aliens,” “Investigating whether angels might really be travelers visiting Earth from distant planets.” Originally aired Dec. 9, 2010.

  • Commented: A delicious blend of mythologies that is sure not to appeal to fans of either.